How do I access and interact with the Help & Support dashboard?

The 'Help & Support' dashboard is a simple support area that allows you to access our help and support features all on one page. Features available in this area mirror the options found in the Application Menu, along with a 'Top Tips' tile offering handy hints on how to use the software. 

To access the Help & Support dashboard, just click on the Help & Support option found at the top of the page and you will be redirected to the dashboard. To interact with the available options, simply click on the area you wish to interact with.

The Help & Support dashboard offers:

  • Direct access to the Application Video - a short, informative guide on how to use the software
  • Support Channels - Links to our various 'Help & Support' channels
  • Knowledge Base - A collection of FAQs and user guides to help you find your way through the software
  • Latest Release - a direct link to our 'What's New?' area, allowing you to view our release blog, informing of new features and recent fixes throughout our development cycle
  • Top Tips - This tile provides handy tips and hints on how to get the most out the application
  • Live Chat - This option allows you to talk directly to our support team via our 'Live Chat' feature. 
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