What is the 'Latest Activity Feed'?

The red ‘pulse’ icon (found on the top right hand side of the when interacting with an event) represents the Latest Activity Feed, which (when selected) displays a collection of your unread 'alert' notifications that have occurred within your event.


 (Active)      (Inactive)


The Latest Activity Feed will only become active when you have unread 'alerts' present in your event. Alerts are notifications that inform you of new activity that has happened in conversations you are currently subscribed to. To open your Latest Activity Feed, click on the pulse icon to continue.




Your alert notifications are displayed in order of 'newest first', and contain a helpful summary of the activity and the conversation they have been added to. The icon found to the left of the notification summary indicates the conversation type, and where the conversation contains a document, you can download the document directly by clicking on the icon.

If you want to view any of the activity listed, just click on the notification and you will be taken to the location that the notification is related to. You can also select the ‘View All Activity’ option found at the bottom of the Latest Activity Feed, which will take you to a larger newsfeed containing information on all activity that has happened within the event (permissions apply). This is your event Newsfeed, which can also be accessed by selecting the ’Newsfeed’ option found on your navigation sidebar.

Note - The Newsfeed will only show you actions that have happened in event areas that you have been granted access to by your event Administrator.

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