When can I add users to an event?

In an event...


All Administrators can add individual new or existing users to an event via the Event Dashboard by entering the Users area, and following the initial click selecting the option to 'Invite User' (found at the top of the Users index). This option is also available for Administrators when managing subscriptions on a conversation within an event, although permissions are not available to be set in this instance.

In the Admin Property Dashboard...

Administrators can add individual new and existing users to any event they have access to within the property using the Admin Property Dashboard, however this is covered further in the 'Administration - Using The Admin Property Dashboard' section of the Knowledge Base.


Admin Users can add multiple existing users to their event during 'configuration' by selecting the ’Manage' option found on the Users tile of your Admin Event Dashboard, and once opened selecting the ‘Manage Users’ icon (cogwheel). You can then choose from the list of available users who you wish to add to your event - the users listed are people who already have been granted access to the property through different events. To complete the process, choose your event users and then select ‘Update Event Users'.

You can also invite new users by selecting the 'Invite New User' option found to the right of the page.

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