How do I use the ‘Newsfeed’ feature?

The Newsfeed gathers all activity within the event you are currently in as notifications and by default presents them chronologically by newest first. This activity will only concern areas in the application you have been granted access to.


You can view the activity described in the notification by clicking on it in the newsfeed listing. You can also filter your notifications by selecting the appropriate filter from the selection found at the top of your newsfeed:

  • The 'All Activity' filter displays all of your read and unread notifications for an event or property in chronological order.
  • The 'Unread Activity' filter displays unread notifications concerning general and subscribed activity with an event.Note that this filter is only displayed when unread notifications are present.
  • The 'Unread Alerts’ filter will only display unread notifications from conversations you are currently subscribed to. Note that this filter is only displayed when unread alerts are present.
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