What is Live Chat?

'Live Chat' is a feature that allows users to contact our support team immediately if they are experiencing any issues within the application. By entering a query or issue into the Live Chat form, you can interact directly with our team, who are at hand 24/7 (when available) to help guide you through the software and address any issues you may be experiencing.

How do I interact with the ‘Live Chat’ feature?

To access the Live Chat feature, open either the Application Menu or the Help & Support dashboard and select the ‘Live Chat Online’ option. You will be taken to a form that looks like this….


…and once you have completed this and selected ‘Request Chat’, a support team member will initiate the ‘Live Chat’ with you.

Why am I seeing that ‘Live Chat’ is offline?

Live Chat Offline’ will only be displayed if no support team members are available to ‘Live Chat’ presently. A team member will be available to chat as soon as possible, so just keep checking the Application/Help & Support Menu until the option returns to the ‘Live Chat Online’ state.

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