What is the 'Milestones' area?

The Milestones area , located within the Event Dashboard, is a collection of any important dates related to your current event. These may be deadlines for deposits, rooming lists, the choice is yours! All current event users have access to view these dates, and have the ability to download all Milestones as an .ics file, which will add the milestone dates to their digital calendar when opened.


A list of upcoming milestone dates added to the event are displayed on the ‘Upcoming Milestones’ tile. To view all of the event Milestones, the user must select the ‘View’ option, where they will arrive at the Milestones index. In here, users can view a list of all current milestone dates and sort them by Title and Due Date. You can also filter all event Milestone Dates by All, Upcoming and Past.

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