How do I access links added to my events?

Links added at either property or event level will be displayed on the Links tile located on the Event Dashboard. Event users can access these directly by clicking on the title of the link displayed on the Links tile, which will navigate the user to the URL contained within the link.

Users that select the ‘View All’ option on the Links tile can view a more in-depth summary of the links available within the Event Dashboard - users can access links directly by clicking on the title of a link displayed in the index or sort links by Title. You can also filter your links by Type (Event or Property link).

Admin users have the ability to manage and create links within this area - this can be done by selecting the cogwheel icon to edit an existing link or selecting the ‘New’ option (found above the index) to create a new link. Group Admin users should note that they do not have the ability to create or edit ‘Property’ links.

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