How do I edit or remove a photo?

Only Admin Users have the ability to manage images contained in the Photos area of an event. 

Admin Users can manage their existing photos in either the Photos area or the Admin Photos area of an event by hovering their cursor over the image they wish to manage and selecting the ‘Edit Photo’ option at the bottom left of the thumbnail. Selecting this will take you to the Admin Photos Edit page, where you can either rename the caption for the image, change the image itself or remove it from your event’s Photos area by selecting ‘Delete’ (found on the right hand side of the page). 

Users cannot edit or delete a ‘Property Photo’ displayed in their event’s Photos area within the application. Property photos are 'hard coded' and can only be added or removed by contacting Cendyn/Events. For more information on this type of image set please refer to the article "I can see some images in my event’s ‘Photos’ area titled ‘Property Photos’ - what are these?"


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