How do I add a new photo?

Only Admin Users have the ability to add images to the Photos area of an event. 

To add a new photo, simply enter the Photos area of the Event Dashboard and select the ‘New’ option found at the top right of the page. This will take you to the Admin Photos area of your event, where you will be asked to provide a ‘caption’ for your image (which is displayed on the image thumbnail) and to select the file you wish to add. You cannot add a photo to your event without providing a caption! 

Once you have selected ‘Save Photo’ and successfully added your image you will be taken to the Admin Photos index, where you can view all images currently added to the event, and also either add another image or configure your existing images. To leave the Admin Photos area and return to your Event Dashboard, select the ‘Exit Admin Area’ option on the navigation sidebar (found to the left of the page). 



Images uploaded are displayed by oldest first within the event Photos area index, so if you wish to order the images in a particular sequence for your event’s Photos gallery, please ensure that you upload them in the order you want them to be displayed (first image first, last image last).


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