What are Quick Requests and how do I use them?

Quick Requests are a feature that allow you to send an 'urgent request’ to your event Key Contacts when an event is active (within the event start and end dates). This feature is not available when an event is yet to start.

To create a 'Quick Request’ (when the feature is available), you must select the ‘New Quick Request’ option found at the top of the navigation sidebar. You will be taken to the ‘New Quick Request’ page and from here you will be able to compose your request.

Once sent, the Key Contacts for the the event will receive your message on their cellphone (as an SMS) to allow them to respond to your request as quickly as possible. You can view your Quick Requests by selecting the ‘My Quick Requests’ option which is found at the bottom of the navigation sidebar. When viewing your Quick Requests, if it’s state  is ‘open’ (unanswered), it will appear red. When a response has been added by a Key Contact, the Quick Request will be classed as ‘closed’ and the colour will change to green.

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