How do I add a comment to a document or discussion?

Once you enter the conversation area showing the chosen document/discussion you wish to leave a comment on, you will find an empty text box to the right of the screen where you can add your comment.

Simply enter your comment into the text box, and once you have finished typing select the button found underneath. This will add the comment to the conversation and send notifications to all users currently 'subscribed' to the document/discussion. If you wish to add additional 'subscribers' to the comment thread, select the 'Manage Subscribers' option (found above the comment box) and add the new users you wish to be subscribed. If you wish for the new subscribers to receive notification of the comment you are about to add, please ensure that you perform the above action before you add your comment!

A notification stating 'Comment was created successfully' will appear at the top of the page and your comment will appear beneath the comment box (with your avatar, name and time/date stamp next to it).

Did you know? - In a comment or discussion, you can add a link/links to an external website within the comment that users can simply 'click' on to access (without having to copy and paste in their browser).

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