Where can I create or manage my own Comment Templates?

When you are interacting with a property that supports the Comment Templates feature, select My Account from the User Menu and the option 'Comment Templates’ section will be displayed. Simply click on the ‘Manage' option in this section and you will be taken to the 'Manage Comment Templates' area, where you can create, view, edit and delete your own personal templates for use in any discussions you wish to interact with. Once created, your personal templates will be available to use in any discussion you have access to by selecting them from the Comment Template selector (this is displayed in the comment box area). The property will also have a set of 'generic' templates that are available to all users when you are interacting with a discussion - however, these cannot be configured by general users.

Did you know? - In a comment or discussion, you can add a link/links to an external website within the comment that users can simply 'click' on to access (without having to copy and paste in their browser).

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