How do I add and interact with files added using Dropbox?

We have integrated our application with Dropbox to offer users a wider choice of ways to interact with conversation areas. If a user has a valid Dropbox account, they can add a document from Dropbox by selecting the ‘Choose From Dropbox' option while creating a new conversation in a conversation area. 

This will open a separate window on the page, and you will be prompted to enter your Dropbox account details to authenticate your account (this is only requested the first time you use this feature, you can select for the Dropbox chooser to remember these details). Following a successful login, simply select the file that you wish to upload and select 'Choose'. You will be returned to the ‘Create New' page, and your file will be displayed to the left of the page. You can now continue to complete the process as if you were uploading a file directly from your computer.

If you choose to download a document that has been added via 'Dropbox', select the file you wish to download and again, this will open in a separate area. In this area it will list the file and you will have an option to 'Download'. Just click on this and the file will be saved to your computer - it's that easy!

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