How do I find and access documents?


All your event conversation areas are listed on the left hand side in the navigation sidebar. The names are self-explanatory and simplified for ease of use.

The application adheres to a ‘three click’ philosophy - click once on the conversation area you wish to access and this will open an index where any documents or discussions that have been added to this category are listed. All conversations will be listed from the top of the page in chronological order. You can filter your view to display only documents by selecting the ‘Documents’ filter option found at the top of the index if you are struggling to find the document you wish to access.


The second click will be choosing the appropriate document (by selecting a document from the list displayed), which will take you to the document area - this area shows the full details of the document (detailing the file type, who uploaded it and when). 

Also adjacent to the document/file will be a list of any comments that have been left pertaining to that particular document.


The third click (on the document icon) will begin the download of the document or file you have selected. Please note that dependent on the type of document and how your computer is set-up, this may download, open automatically or prompt you to save it.


Did you know?

When viewing the documents in the documents index, if you select a document icon (shown on the far left of the listing) you can download the document directly (without having to enter the document area).  

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