What is the 'Add Multiple Files' feature and how do I use it?

You can easily add multiple files by selecting the Add Multiple Files feature found on the navigation sidebar when you are interacting within an event. This allows a user to add a number of documents to single or multiple conversation areas they have access to within an event.


This feature has been developed to provide a simple method for users to upload their documents without having to enter conversation areas singularly to upload individual files. To use this feature, simply click on the cloud icon to select the files you wish to upload from your device. Once selected, you can then rename your files if you desire (by entering a new name into box provided) and also choose which conversation areas you wish them to be added to before selecting the Upload button to proceed.


You can also add multiple documents in this area by 'dragging' the files you wish to upload from your desktop on to the ‘drag and drop’ area provided. Again, you will be asked to select the conversation areas you would like them to added to before the upload begins.

Note that you cannot add multiple files to conversation areas that you have not been granted permission to within your event. In addition to this, General Discussions and Sensitive Documents areas are also forbidden (for more information on Sensitive Documents, please to refer to the corresponding article that can be found in the Knowledge Base).


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