How do I remove an event from a property?

As mentioned briefly in the 'How do I create an event' section, there is the ability to archive an event, and this feature is only available to Admin users. When an event is archived it is removed (does not appear) from the active event lists found in My Events and as such means that all users can no longer see or access it. Archived events can be re-instated to a property, but this requires a Full Administrator role to access this feature.

To archive an event, simply enter the event configuration form and select the 'Archive' button found to the right of the page. Once selected, the event will be removed from the My Events area of the property, and all users with access to the event cannot view or interact with it or its contents.


If a Full Admin user selects to 'restore' an archived event, the event will become available again in the My Events area for the property and all users who were granted access previously will now be able to interact with it again.

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