Why do my User Menu options change when I'm in different area?

The User Menu will display different options depending on the current area you are interacting with in the application and your user role

When interacting in the My Properties area you will see the following options in your User Menu.




This is because you are yet to enter a property - when you do choose to enter a property, your User Menu will now be 'scoped' to the property you are currently in, granting you new options.




  • My Newsfeed: Selecting My Newsfeed will take you to your property newsfeed, showing you all your pending notifications across all events you have access to at the property.
  • My Events: Selecting My Events will take you to the My Events area of the property, allowing you to interact with any event you have access to at the property.

If your user role for the property is set as an Admin user (Full or Group Admin), you will see a further option available on your User Menu.




  • Admin Area: Selecting this option will take you to the property's Admin Area, where you can create and manage users, events and resources for your current property. 


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