What is the User Menu?

The User Menu is an option found at the top of every area when you are successfully logged in. By clicking on the area in the top left (where your avatar and name are displayed) the User Menu is displayed, offering you the ability to interact with areas that are tied to your specific account.

The context of your User Menu will change depending on which area you are currently interacting with, but there are 3 options that are always available irrespective of the area you are in.



  • My Properties: Selecting this option will always return you to the My Properties area, no matter what area or property you are currently in.
  • My Account: This option will take you to your account area, where you can edit your account details, manage your Out of Office status and create personal comment templates
  • Logout: Selecting this will terminate your current session and return you to the login page. If you logout when you are in a property, you will be returned to the login page for the property. However, if you logout when in the My Properties area you will be returned to the root login page.


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