How to update your profile

Note: The option to access My Account is available in all areas of the application, but you must be logged in!

Step 1:

Open the User Menu found at the top left of the page and select My Account




Step 2:

The next step is to click on the Edit My Account button, which is displayed at the top right of the My Account page




Step 3:

On this page, you can edit your current information by entering your new information into the fields provided. In this area you can edit the following fields:

  • First and Last Name - these are mandatory fields


  • Email Address - this is the address that you will use for logging in and receiving emails from the application. This field is mandatory, and once you have activated your account can only be managed by you!


  • Bio - this section allows you to add a short description about yourself and any other information you think is relevant to other event users. This field is not mandatory.


  • Avatar Image - by selecting Choose File, you can select an image that you wish to use as your user avatar within the application. If you do not wish to add an avatar image, a default avatar will be provided for you.This field is not mandatory.


  • Title and Organization - these fields are used for your job description and the organization you work for. They are not mandatory fields, but provide useful information to other users when searching.


  • Telephone and Mobile Number  - if you wish to provide a telephone number, enter the number into the field provided. This field is not mandatory, and will not be displayed when viewed by other users (unless you are assigned as a Key Contact). If you wish to provide a mobile number, enter the number into the field provided. Again, this field is not mandatory, and will not be displayed when viewed by other users (unless you are assigned as a Key Contact). If you are assigned as a Key Contact, this number will be used to send you SMS alerts when Quick Request


  • Timezone - this field will calibrate the application to adjust any time stamps displayed in your events to the timezone you set in your account. This field is mandatory.



Step 4:

To submit your profile changes, simply click on the Save button found at the bottom of the page.




When you have successfully updated your account, you will see the following message.




To return to your events from the My Account page, open your User Menu and click on the My Properties option to exit.



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