How to remove images to your event's Photo library

Step 1:

From the Event Dashboard, click onto Browse from the Photos tile. 




Step 2:

Hover your cursor over the Photo you wish to remove, and then click on Edit Photo option displayed on the image thumbnail. 




Step 3: 

Next, you need to select Delete (which is found on the right-hand column of the page) to remove the Photo.




Step 4:

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove this Photo from your event. Select the Yes option to proceed.




Step 5:

Once you have confirmed, you will see the following message appear at the top of the page.




You have now successfully removed the Photo from your event, and it will no longer be displayed within your event! To return to 'My Events', click on the Exit Admin Area button on the top right of the navigation sidebar.





Why are there images that I cannot remove from my events?

Within your events you may find some images that you cannot remove from your Photos area - these are known as Property Photos. These have been added by our support staff at the request of the property, and are present in all event Photos libraries at the property. To request to add or remove Property Photos for a property, please contact productupdates@cendyn for assistance.


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