How to remove a Reference Link from your property

Step 1:

Enter your property's Admin Area by selecting the option Admin Property Dashboard from your User Menu.




Step 2:

Once in the Admin Property Dashboard, select to manage users from either the Reference Links option on the navigation sidebar or clicking on Manage on the Reference Links tile on the main area of the page.




Step 3:

From the index in the Reference Links area, search for the existing link by placing your cursor at the Search field, and typing part of the title of the link you wish to remove.



The existing link will display in the search results. Next, click on the cogwheel icon on the far right to edit the link.


Step 4:

Your next step will be to 'remove' the Reference Link from your property! Please click onto Delete to continue.



Step 5:

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove this link from the property. Select the Yes option to proceed.




Step 6:

Once you have confirmed, you will see the following message appear at the top of the page.




You have now successfully removed the Reference Link from the property, and it will no longer be able to be accessed in any events at your property! To return to 'My Events', click on the Exit Admin Area button on the top right of the navigation sidebar.



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