How to add a user from the Event Dashboard

Step 1:

From the Event Dashboard, click onto View All from the Users tile.




Step 2:

Click on Invite User located on top right side of the screen.




Step 3: 

Enter the new user’s email address and click on the green button to Search.



Step 4:

If the user already exists in the global database, you will see something like the following page.




To grant the user access, simply select the role you'd like them to have within your event and then click on Yes, Invite This User.

If the user does not exist in the global database, you will be prompted to complete their profile. 




As part of that completion process, you will need click on Edit Event Access to search and find the event you want them to access.You can also specify the conversation areas you want them to access by clicking on Edit Area Access. Once you are happy with your changes, just select Save User to finish.




Step 5:

If the user you have added is a new user, you will be returned to the Users index within your event with a message informing you the user has been successfully added to your event. However, if the user you are adding is an existing user, you will see the following page.




From here you can continue to manage which events you'd like to grant them access to by clicking on the Manage option on the Events tile.




If you wish to manage the conversation areas they can interact with, simply select the Manage option found on the Areas tile.

Finally, if you need to correct a mistake or update the user's details, just click on the Edit User option at the top right of the page.

Once you have finished editing and wish to leave this area, click on the Exit Admin Area button at the top left of the page to return to My Events.



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