How to add a user to your property from the Admin Property Dashboard

All Admin users can add general users to an event or property. The following instructions are for those users that have admin rights and can add permanent users to the property platform.

Step 1:

From the User Menu, select Admin Property Dashboard to access your property's Admin Area.




Step 2: 

Click on either Manage Users from the sidebar or Manage on the Users tile to access the option to invite a new user to your property.





Step 3: 

Next, click on ‘Invite User’



Step 4: 

Enter the user's email address into the field provided and click on the Search button the system will double check that this user does not already have a profile.



Step 5: 

If the email address is not tied to an active user profile, you will be prompted to add the user profile including assigning the user's role, events and conversation areas they should have access to.


Step 6:

Click Save User to send your user an activation email inviting them to use the application to plan events.




If you notice that the user has not responded to the activation email after a period of time, you can resend an activation email to the user by clicking on their name in the Admin Users index and clicking on the Resend Activation Email button.




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