What is 'My Notes' and how do I interact with this feature?

A note is our version of a digital sticky-note! It’s a place where you can leave yourself a reminder note about things that need to be done, items that need attention etc.




To add a note, click on the My Notes option found near the bottom of the navigation sidebar. This will take you to your My Notes index, where you can access your existing notes and create new ones (by selecting 'New Note’) that will be listed in this area once completed. When creating and editing your notes, you can set your note state to ‘Follow Up’ or ‘Completed’ to help you organize and prioritize your notes as you see fit.

In this area, your notes can be sorted alphabetically or by 'Date Created' and also filtered by state (Follow Up, Completed or All).

To view a note, simply select the note you wish to be displayed from the My Notes index and you will be shown the note in it’s entirety, including it’s current state (Follow Up or Completed).

If at anytime you wish to edit one of your notes, simply click on the cogwheel option adjacent to the specific note when viewing your My Notes index or click on the note directly from the index. You can also remove a note once you’ve finished with it by selecting the option found to the right of the page when editing.


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