Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Do I Add A User To An Event?

How Do I Remove A User From The Application?

How Do I Limit Which Conversations A User Can See?

How Do I Add And Manage Reference Documents?

How Do I Add And Manage Reference Links?

How Do I Manage My Photo Library?

How Do I Archive An Event?

How Do I Update My Profile?

Activating & Accessing Your Account

Activating Your Account

Passwords and Logging In

Language & Support

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Interacting with the 'My Properties' area

'My Properties' explained

Interacting with the User Menu

Interacting with the 'My Account' area

Using the 'Out of Office' feature

Interacting with the 'My Events' area

Accessing events in the 'My Events' area

Features and Navigation in the 'My Events' area

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Interacting Within An Event

Using the 'Event Dashboard'

Interacting with ‘Conversation' areas

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Additional Features Available Within An Event

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Interacting with the ‘Users' area

Interacting with 'Key Contacts'

Interacting with the Photos Area

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Interacting in the Links area

Interacting with the Milestones area

Creating and Editing Events

Creating a New Event

Editing your New Event

Adding Users To Your Events

Adding users to your event

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Users - Roles & Permissions

Understanding User Roles & Permissions

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Documents, Discussions & Comments Explained

Interacting With Documents

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Interacting with Discussions and Comments

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How to use 'Comment Templates'

How to Interact with the 'Subscriptions' Feature

Understanding 'Subscriptions'

Using the 'Subscriptions' feature

Notifications & Newsfeeds

Latest Activity Feed & Quick Requests Explained

The 'Newsfeed' & Notifications explained

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'My Newsfeed' explained

Email Notifications

Administration - Using the Admin Property Dashboard

The Admin Property Dashboard explained

Interacting with the Admin Property Dashboard

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